• With its roots deep in the city of its birth. Established six decades ago, in 1949, Lee Heng began life as a diamond wholesaler bringing the diamond lovers of Hong Kong the range of quality stones. Since those early days, the Group’s mission has always been to offer customers the very best, always exceeding expectations.

      The Group’s reputation for delivering an exceptional range of diamonds at reasonable prices soon grew and customers began to request design services. In 1985, lee Heng opened its first workshop along with a small, elegant boutique in central. With the new jewellery brand came a new name – MABROS.

      The striking pieces on offer combined daring design with the finest materials and unparalleled craftsmanship. Two years after MABROS produced its first jewellery collection interest was growing, both locally and overseas. After attending Hong Kong’s first Jewellery and Watch Exhibition. MABROS began to sell its pieces wholesale to the international market.

    • MABROS combines an understanding of the fashions and technologies of today with the attention to detail of yesteryear. The company’s reputation is built on the traditional values of quality products, attentive customer care and excellent value.

      Since its inception, these values have guided the brand in every step and at every stage. Nothing less than the best is accepted and MABROS has gone to the corners of the globe to bring back the finest diamonds and the most skilled craftsmen.

      Understanding and meeting the needs and desires of customers is at the core of the MABROS mission. Every MABROS customer is considered a lifelong friend and customer care continues well beyond the purchase of a MABROS masterpiece.

      All this is delivered at a price that MABROS followers appreciate. The combination of quality and earned the trust of the Hong Kong people and enabled MABROS to become one of the city’s leading jewellery emporiums.

    • MABROS produces exquisite timepieces that are both beautiful to behold and technically outstanding. Precision movements and dials are created in the workshops of Switzerland and shipping to Hong Kong to be expertly combined with the diamond bracelet and accoutrements. Once the watch is ready, it is returned to Switzerland to undergo rigorous quality testing.

      Each component of a MABROS jewellery watch is painstakingly crafted by hand – a time – consuming process that can take around three to six months. The work and skill involved in creating a MABROS timepiece is evident to the eye, and it is clear that the wearer of MABROS watch is in possession of the exceptional.

      Once the ideal combination of stones has been found, MABROS in-house design team creates a piece tailored to the unique characteristics of the stones themselves, perfectly combining classical elegance with high fashion. The result is a piece of jewellery that is as unique as its owner. A MABROS creation is sure to delight, now and in the years to come.